Desktop Tuesday: Kobolds


Does the gong make a noise when its placed?

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“… Attack them first!”

In my game it seems my knight is nowhere near to taunt them… and the footmen who is first to arrive is dead when he gets the agro of 6 kobolds cause no cleric can heal that fast even if he manages to keep up with the footmen.
The safest way is to draw all the town folk in to a cave hideout (with twisting hallways so they cant be shot ad. )
Make a singe entry to your base and have the army intercept the enemy there, forcing them fight on your terms. Make sure the entry way has some curving halls too so it forces the enemies archers to fight in close combat.

Are kobolds peaceful with the goblins? they are not with the undead.


Yeah, aggro should take account of the enemy’s range of attack.

@Albert & @sdee – Any luck so far on more intuitive archer controls? (defend this rooftop/elevation, maintain defense [e.g. duty rotation to allow for sleep/food/recreation], etc).

Fighting archers head-to-head on flat ground isn’t ideal. My preference would be to have Archers instinctively seek out and leverage elevated positions when nearby, and/or have the above defense/duty rotation functionality. This would allow me to defend my town much more effectively using towers, hillsides, trees with ladders, whatever :slight_smile:.


Yeah, having soldiers keep position, but still go sleep and eat is something the game needs direly.


Yep. Wasn’t a big deal when combat hadn’t yet matured too far, but it’s a sore spot now for sure.

Also, setting a precise time for their shifts.

Do the shifty rat men really need to wear special hats and worship wealth?
Your kinda hitting on a trope here…

Now the game is going to be more strategic with this bad boys aka Kobolds.Let’s Ready to RUMBLE ! :wink:
No more easy even in normal mode with a long play save game : Thank You !!! Need more Archer, Knight and of course Cleric :wink:

Albert has changed defense banner so that it has a leash on it now. This means that if you put all your archers in a party, and then put the party on a roof, they’ll stay on the roof :slight_smile:

Unfortunately they do not yet go eat/sleep in shifts.


Cool! :slight_smile: Sounds like great progress. I’ll definitely be giving that a test drive tonight.

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Yes, the latest builds have logic for ranged units to acquire line of sight without compromising their position. It’s a bit crude at the moment, but will get better over time.

As Stephanie said, put your archers on a roof with the defend location command and you should get some fun behavior.

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