Melee attacks for archers

As I enjoy SH a lot recently id like to ad a suggestion here :slight_smile:

Well, the titel seems a bit confusing…

I had big trouble chaseing archers all over the map, as they move backwards after fireing an arrow at my hearthlings. So could we please add just for enemie archers some close range fight ability with a dagger for example as soon as attacking hearthlings are in melee range.

I’d love to hear your experience with archers, maybe its just me =)

Get archers with slowing arrows early as possible.

Or just don’t kill the goblin king before you do. Because I’m pretty sure that’s what sets off kobolds and orcs spawning.

Stonehearth is supposed to be somewhat of a strategy game.

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It’s not just you. Class balance for combat jobs in Stonehearth is poor. I tried to address the exact issue you’re talking about in a different thread: Soldiers, experience, delusions, and wasted time

Aviex’s workaround is valid, but it’s not a fix, just a patch for a bad system. Right now, your combat group is probably best with one knight (maybe two, tops), two to three clerics, and the rest archers. Footman is just a stepping stone on the way to a useful combat job.

My limited experience is that it’s often best to let the enemy come to you. If you’ve planned out a defensive strategy, you can help reduce the annoyance of archers.