Epicness of Archer class

This is not a complain or bad rant. I am just sharing some epic battle scenes of my archer vs. monsters.

Archer vs. Giant Ents … with Archer camped behind my town’s main gate of course. Oh, I pulled my foot soldiers back to let my archer get the experience for killing the couple of Giant Ents that got stucked at my main gate and can’t seem to enter the door nor can they attack the main gate either while my archer wailed away at them from the safety of the main gate.

Archer vs. Giant Zombie … zombie being perpetually slowed by spiky arrow skill and could not move efficiently to close in for attack at all :slight_smile: .

Another OP scene where my archer simply camped behind the main gate while I put my foot soldiers on guard while vs. Stone Golem. Stone Golem and the bunch of baby golems turn into sitting duck.

How I setup my defense is to dig a trench and put ladders on both sides of the trench. Somehow the ladders are too small for them or they have no idea how to use ladders. One thing I note is the ogres do know how to climb ladders and bash the main gate but the other monsters have no concept of climbing ladders or bashing main gates.

I have heard many a tale of strong defenses but none like this. How fare thee against kobolds ?

They have not yet invaded my region strangely. I do know that they must have their pathfinding stuck or something ?

They seem to spawn far from my borders and did not invade me yet so I guess I would sit back and see… They are busy having war with the zombies :slight_smile: . Makes my life easier while they fight each other.

when i play hard mode i build a moat and have the only way in or out a ladder. when enemies come near i get my villagers to destroy the ladder and then let the archers have there way. I am going to see if turrets work as well.

Here’s the answer for Archer vs. Kobold Archer. Final outcome is hearthling archer Archer properly equipped and at level 3 barely wins a Kobold Archer in a 1 vs. 1 shoot out. Initially my hearthling Archer out range the Kobold archer due to the increased range buff but once the Kobold archer gets into range, it starts to deal some damage but overall due to the fire arrows, the additional burn was really useful in ensuring victory.

Hearthling Archer at level 3 out range normal Kobold Archer.

Final 1 vs. 1 contest.