Kobold Archers cannot be attacked on ladders except by Archers

Kobold Archers cannot be attacked on ladders except by my Archers - knights/footment/clerics/workers just walk around like they aren’t being attacked.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. create several ladders and create a wall (so kobolds can’t shoot through the wall)
  2. place a hearthling on one side of the wall, and the kobold on the other side with the ladders
  3. have several other melee units in the area as well
  4. the kobold will start firing and will go up the ladder to get LOS over the wall
  5. all hearthlings will be confused and forget that the kobold is firing at them - except when they take lots of damage and just cower in pain.

(the kobold also doesn’t re-prioritize targets to the archer who is damaging them - thankfully : ))

Expected Results:
Melee Warriors of any type should climb the ladder and wreck the archer’s face.

Actual Results:
The Kobold Archer wrecks everyone’s face as if he wasn’t even there.



Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 16, unstable version via steam

System Information:

Honestly, I’d rather expect any ranged unit to not be able to shoot from ladders…

Is the enemy archer on the ladder or did he crest the top of the wall and is now standing on your building?

Standing on the ladder itself.

That is peculiar, they prob shouldnt stop on a ladder at all. I always figured ladders acted like conveyor belts taking a toon from point a to point b with no possibility of an inbetween

Of course what’s been missing from the game for a long time is ladders acting like ladders at all.
Maybe instead of giving the melee guys the ability to attack on ladders take this time to take away everyone’s ability to do anything on the ladders other than hang on for dear life.