Archers able to shoot from building roofs, on top of walls

As the title says i would like there to be some way to let an archer shoot when on top of a wall so you could use them to shoot down melee targets from a building that,s why we have towers and defensive buildings for our archers to shoot cause the orc archers attack you if you are on top of a of a building there.
Also would like there to be the option to make guard on a very small spot so they don,t move

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Hey jonay,

As the searchfunction would show you very quickly, archers can shoot from walls/roofs. I’m quite sure there’s some videos on youtube you can look up for archers.
Combat parties can be stationed to defend an area, if you set this point on a roof they won’t leave that level of height so make sure the roof is leveled.



From what I’ve heard, though, sometimes they can’t shoot over the battlements, sometimes they refuse to stay, sometimes they won’t actually shoot enemies who haven’t attacked them first… there’s a lot of complaints with the archer AI.

And of course, right now there’s no height advantage, so as far as the archers are concerned there’s not much of a good reason to stay on walls. I’d definitely like to see some improvements here.

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i have build a rampart near a cliff… the archer set to defence on top.
the archer shoot but the ennemi archer dont go near them…
the orc archer dont come closer of them to… so all wait :stuck_out_tongue:

i can put a picture

Archers will try to shoot off roofs/cliffs, but their logic is currently very naive, so if you build battlements that will just block their line of sight to the target.

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Is their LoS blocked by items such as the wooden or stone fence? Does there have to be an unobstructed straight path between them and the target in order for them to fire, or is their aiming a little more lenient?

With this info we can probably figure out how to make battlements that don’t block LoS, or at least how to do arrow slits in the walls.

Also, if I remember correctly the archers won’t shoot through windows, is that because they see them as solid objects and can’t draw LoS through them?

Yes, line of sight is blocked by anything solid (any object that would prevent movement through a square). The archer tries to find a location nearby that has line of sight to the target (typically by walking to the edge of the cliff), but the algorithm is very naive right now.