Has anyone tested to see if the archers in this game can actually use them?

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Googles machicolations

Oh, so downward arrow slits? Under the battlements? That’s what those overhangs are for sometimes? Cool!

For those too lazy to look it up themselves, here’s an example:

I imagine they don’t work right now - archers are bad at using buildings at all and I don’t believe there’s any code for a height advantage - but I want to use them so badly now.


Not surprising, figure I would bring it up so the devs see it since very few people are aware those were even a thing.

It’s not that the developers aren’t aware, so much as the game isn’t ready for that yet. Currently, archers draw a “line of sight” as a literal line between them and the target, exactly as though they were planning to walk over to them. They can’t shoot through windows, doorways, or (AFAIK) any holes they couldn’t physically fit through themselves.

The team definitely want to add defensive options just like this, and also give enemies ways to fight back so that walls don’t become an impenetrable defence like they currently are… it’s simply a matter of figuring out how to do it, and then implementing it. Unfortunately, there are some more important/higher priority tasks to get out of the way first. But rest assured that the dev team are totally into this idea!


I can confirm the archers don’t use them. If they shoot through the hole its just plain luck, nothing intentional. I build them anyway, they look very cool.

Have fun, Kyth.