Desktop Tuesday: The Archer


Damn you @8BitCrab, I was just making a DT Post, but you were quicker… again :smiley:

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haha, well i’ve been waiting to post it since they uploaded the video :laughing:


Does relative height increase range or is range static and constant? I.e., if I archers on a tower, will their effective range against the same enemy target be longer, shorter, or constant?

If I’m not being clear – example. If base range is thirty tiles, and I build a forty tile tall tower, can an archer shooting straight down hit a goblin at the base of the tower directly below or not?

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Did anyone else see the Ogres and Kobolts in the video? Awesome.


The archer is looking great :thumbsup:

I noticed in the video that you have to use a slightly awkward/complicated combination of an extra roof, ladders and a door to let Hearthlings onto the top roof - any chance that stairs (or at least a way to cut holes in a roof to make room for ladders) will be featured in A16?

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as far as i know “cutting holes” in roofs is planned, though maybe not in A16, as a work around you can just make the castle roofs out of slabs for now. :slight_smile:



No, this is patrick.

AWESOME but still crossing my fingers for mage class :smiley:

Alpha 16 will put an arrow into your butt.

Or use my trick to get a roof with a hole. Although I don’t know how will the castle-styled roof behave.

[quote=“Pandemic, post:5, topic:21383, full:true”]
Did anyone else see the Ogres and Kobolts in the video? Awesome.
[/quote] Aww yeah. This new system surely needs more diverse (and challenging) enemies. Right now a bunch of footmen can easily thwart almost any threat.