Archer won't shoot on buildings or higher places!

I have 120 hours of gameplay on Steam. I follow Stonehearth since beta 10 and I could see that at today The Archer has some serious bugs. They need to be on the ground to shoot arrows properly! I mean, they do shoot arrows at buildings but they rapidly go to the floor and just forgot about the safest place or strategic one. I had already reported this bugs last year and I have sent my own save! And, I didn’t bring any results or bug fixes!

Please, try to improve it’s performance. I mean, it’s annoying this bug! I can build castles, walls, beautiful towers and they won’t help me in a battle! They will be there like useless structures of defense…

I have already done some tests and I could see that : Simple buildings ( literally a cube totally flat ) or default buildings ( like castle roof ) will not make the archer stay on it’s top and start shooting at enemies!

Therefore, I think that if you put some " IF " structures on your code may define what is more important for the archer in itself. I mean, if you could code that the archer would choose the highest or safest place to shoot would help me a lot. What I mean is that the archer target and shooting action has some bugs that annoys me sometimes.

Please, fix this bug the fastest you can. I know, that you have a lot to care about on the game. However, fixing this Archer do not apparent to be something hard to do…

Thank you so much for you attention


hey there @Brazil_life, sorry for the late reply :sweat_smile:

archer AI is definitely strange currently, the main problem seeming to be their want/need to be a certain distance from enemies, so even though they’re higher up they still want to be far away :confused:

thanks for bringing it up again, though they’re pretty busy right now, hopefully the team will get a chance to look at this soon.

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Oh, i’m sorry! I’ve been off for some days! Yep, they have fixed some bugs about related with it. However, some archers still leaving towers and high places which is kind of weird. But, I think that will be solved with time. I’m not a professional with codes, but I think it’s some kind of " IF/ELSE " problem. I mean, if you add a line telling the archer to “stay” and “do not move” while shooting inside of a tower or in some high place it would solve the problem. It’s just a thought tho.

I’ve been playing for a while ( 200 hours on Steam ). And, I could notice that when the archer actually shoots the target once the archer moves from it’s location in order to shoot for the second time( as it does in the ground ). So, after the ranger moves from a place to another It “forgets” the target.

It looks like a simple bug to solve. I would recommend that when a soldier/archer enters in combat it ignores it’s hunger or wishes for it’s duty. In addition, I want to make a suggestion about the combat commands be point in click ( just like in Age of Empires or Diablo ). It makes things easier and funnier to use. I mean, the banners for ( stand stil ), (attack ) or (come here ) are really nice. But, it kinds of stress me out after a while to be honest. And, just think about it! Please…

The archer not being able to fire from a higher elevation should be an expected feature. It’s really frustrating when you build a great defendable location only to have to keep moving your archers, over and over and over to keep them on the high ground. Even when you do Micro-manage them they don’t always want to shoot either.

Extremely frustrating.