Kobold archer fights

I really like the game, but there is one thing which I dislike. The fights against kobold archers are very tedious. They run away too often, so that my hearthlings will follow them quite a distance. Is there any method to stop the kobolds from fleeing or is there the plan to add something to the game? I know that spiky arrows exists, but they don’t have a big impact.

My own workaround is archers.
If that doesn’t work for me, I use more :slight_smile:
(My current game had a “Reservist” program where every worker is also a master archer. 10 of them of with fiery arrow solves most ‘problems’ :wink: )

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I’ve had some success with herding the Kobold archers up against walls, cliff faces and the like, which prevents them from being able to run away. However, it’s difficult to do unless you have a fairly large army, or have picked a natural choke-point for your confrontation.

I’ve had one Kobold general make it from the center of the map all the way out to the map border – literally the only reason that the footmen caught up with it was because it ran out of map to run away to, lol!

The Engineer’s traps might offer a solution, although you’d need some careful placement of knights to make it work. First, have a knight draw the archers’ aggro, and have them run back over the traps so that the Kobolds get stuck. Then, simply surround them with hearthlings, or at the very least cut off their escape (ideally you’ll want the traps in a natural choke point or the entrance to a walled city). The main challenge will be dealing with any other enemies at the same time so that the archers go into the traps; otherwise your traps are all sprung on the easy-to-kill enemies and the archers will just do their usual thing.

It would be really nice to have a ranged class that can outright stop enemies from moving. That job could go to the archer with a new quiver version, or it could go to some kind of mage; or even be a special attack for footmen/knights which stuns enemies for a short time. Actually, what I’d love to see would be for edged weapons to have a chance to cause bleeding, and for blunt weapons to have a chance to cause stunning – that would really open up some cool options for a well-equipped party.

I like to lure them into areas that I design as chokepoints. Then have your knight and a footman get behind them while the rest of your forces hit their front. It leaves them no where to run and the fights end quickly.

yeah. I had similar problems before when using knight/footman to chase them. It takes either a lot of time or luck that they run into a dead end. Which is why I switched to using lots of archers so that it can reliably kill them hopefully without running too all away (if there are multiple enemies, manually put an attack flag on one, so that your troops concentrate fire instead of being spread out and chase them in different directions).

Maybe what we need, is cavalry. looks at dev hint hint.


Mixed force. My knights keep them busy and my healers keep the knights healthy, then I have my archers target the Kobold archers.

Thanks for the ideas. I will try to use more archers and use the beneftits of choke points. However, I think a new quiver variant or some kind of mage to stop movement of one enemy completely for some time would be nice. :slight_smile: