Few more issues so far RC4


1: When setting footman and archers to guard a spot, the Kolbolds Archer range vs Archer shooting reach dont match. The Kolbolds can shoot farther where as the Archer can not fire back, they stay with the footman and or on guard spot, taking the hits. i would say match them up for same distance, or shrink the Kolbolds Range a bit to be on par with the Archer range.

2: When hitting town alert, and then hitting F5 to remove the UI, to take pics or what not, when the UI reappears, the town alert goes off every time.

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As far as I know… F5 is not used to hide the UI… It’s for refreshing the UI (reload). It shortly disappears but reloads… Maybe this causes the town alert to reset as well.

If you want to hide the UI to take Screenshots… ALT +Y is a better solution I guess.


ALT+Z to Hide UI. This is basically a standard in games with that option. All games that can hide UI uses that as a shortcut, I never saw a different one.

The archers have increased range with level ups. A level 6 does not reach them first?

:wink: Alt + Y german keyboard layout. so z and y are switched. :slight_smile:

I have to agree with nerfing Kobold archers, in light of the fact that the team is shipping 1.0 by the end of the month and after that will be on bugfix only.

Until someone creates a “combat 2.0” mod that truly overhauls combat, it becomes about “enjoyment management”. Since Kobolds are generally a major source of gameplay frustration because of combat’s current shortcomings, I say nerf them.

@linda’s nerfing kobold range for the next release. For hiding the UI, use Alt+Z as others have mentioned. F5 should generally only be used if things break.

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@max99x Quick unrelated note, at least as of r880, I noticed other crafters are able to build Geomancer recipes (like golem backpacks for instance) before the Geomancer has been unlocked. This is somewhat lore-breaking, as the crafters shouldn’t know anything about golems, for instance, until after they learn about them in the campaign.


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@max and others

uhg sorry peeps I meant resetting the UI always reset the town alert sound lol and you have to hear it every time if u do. It use to not do this. i was tired last night when i wrote this lol

not even lvl 6 Archers dont matche the kolbolds range, sorry seen this several times, my archer just sit in the guard spot still taking the hits even at 6. On another note to this while watching this happen kolbolds on hill side 10 voxels up and 3 back can even fire down on them. while my archers or anyone archers cannot do the same. all that is needed is to match them up. even if archers have to reach 6 to get there. but currently lvl 6 doesnt match

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