New Armors/Weapons and Inspiration!

Hello There,

I have already seem and crafted all the gears of the game and I was wondering if they could get more gears and weapons. I mean, some of them seems really amazing, however for some moments they start looking the same. I was wondering if they could get something like this:

It would be nice to see something like that in the game. It also look nice and strong for a knight or footman. I know it has came from Tolkien, however, every fantasy now a days correlate with his work and it would be nice to put something that remembers him in the game. In addition, armors like that can motivate the player to feel more comfortable and powerful. I personally think that armors and weapons that seems pretty much like each other can turn the game a bit boring.

Therefor, it’s important make the player feel nostalgic and amazed with new equipment that can make their units look nice and fun. I personally think, that something like that can make the player anxious to upgrade and discover new equipment and level up their Blacksmith wondering what equipment is next. It could be a nice mace, or sword that remember some nostalgic fantasy world or something correlated with that.

What do you think about it guys?


I love the dwarven style of armor, but i dont know how it will look if you had to make this kind of armor in voxel style. Awesome pictures tho! :slight_smile:


Yep, no. I kind of agree with you, but I was trying to tell the people that we need more different items. I’m feeling a sort of upset to level up my footman/knight/archer/cleric level 6 and see the same gear :confused:

Imagine items like those ones:

I would feel more comfortable and powerful with this… and i think they would do a good job even if they try to transfer an Concept Art in a voxel style

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Who those are awesome, I know what you mean. it is like the footman are not powerfull at all and we are stuck with the simple armor.
But if the hearthlings will get such armor for late game the goblins will need to have this kind of armor as well. that will make epic battles!

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I totally agree with you. Imagine the orcs with full plate and big maces or just the ogres with an amazing armor :open_mouth: it would be epic!! :laughing: