About the legendary weapons

There’s something that is bothering me a lot with the new legendary weapons.

First of all, We have 4 combat classes. The footman, the knight, the archer and the cleric. Each of those have a legendary weapon/equipment and those are really beautiful. But there’s something off with the colors.

If you take a look on the splash art of Alpha 16 (Here) every classes has it’s own color. The footman is blue, the archer is green, the cleric is yellow and the knight is red. I don’t know if it’s still relevant but having each class wearing a color is a quick way to understand who is who when all your hearthlings are in a cluster. If it’s not then don’t mind my post.

If you look at the equipments for each class, you’ll see that they more or less follow those colors. The Bronze and Iron set have blue colors. The steel and silver set are red and even the archer have green hoods, green bow and the recurve bow is green too. The only class that does not follow those rules is the cleric as each of his circlet have different colors but then again his outfit is heavily based on yellow.

Which lead me to my point. The legendary equipments should follow those rules. As a matter of readability, one should look at an item and think " Oh, this one is for the knight" As well as in the battle, seeing a giant blue shield on a hearthling that is mostly red looks weird to me. (Yes, the shield is bothering me, a lot.)
The actual Legendary sword is nice. The blue handle fit nicely into the blue category of the footman. The legendary circlet is kinda off but then again, it still has yellow bound to it and the cleric does not mind the colors of his circlet. The legendary bow looks rad. But the handle is blue which saddens me. Maybe switch it’s color to green like the others bows. Lastly, the shield. This one is complicated because it is after all the ascendancy emblazoned legendary Giant’s shield. It has to have blue in it as blue is the colors of the ascendancy. But the colors is also puzzling me. I don’t know how it can be helped and how it should looks. I don’t have any idea for this one.

Legendary equipments really are late game stuff, so maybe the color bound class is not a big deal and maybe after a certain “tier” of armor, colors should no longer be used to identify each class. But then expect me to wait for an ascendancy “legendary tier” for every class :stuck_out_tongue:

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