Legendary Weapons don't feel so "Legendary"

So i’ve gotten the new “legendary” weapons after SOOOOO much time training my crafters and gathering all the resources. I make all the weapons and they feel like they’re just super expensive weapons, they don’t feel quite as legendary as they should be. Maybe they should all have some sort of effect that come with them instead of just being good weapons that take a lot of stuff and high level crafters to create.

I was thinking maybe for the Emblazoned Sword, sometimes the solider would do a sort of cleave attack with fire particles. Then maybe for the bow have some sort of triple shot mechanic that would make it stand out. These extra effects would definitely make the weapons feel more worth it because right now they’re so lack luster


well some general effects would be good to start with anyway, could be subtle. could be not so subtle.
for mod-legendary weaponry a-la-thors hammer i was thinking making lightning sparks of sort fly around it. i just havent thought of how to do it yet. (or ocasionally make lightning strike an enemy, failing that a special atteck that at least plays the thunder sound effect.)

Oh man call lightning from a hammer would be epic. We have the effect already in game. I don’t know if we have a suitable animation, but we’ve got to be close. Is there a raise hammer epicly animation?

Since we have the Enormous storm wave, can we maybe have a smaller, less dense one that washes over the battlefield with a glowing fire effect and then dies. Forward swipe maybe.

Would an effect like this be legendary enough :jubilant:

might be kind of laggy though

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So I think this is easy and could be made possible if you replicate Gary’s lightning effects and I wanna see that happen lol

There’s the normal footman slam animation, maybe time that with a lightning strike effect?


I’ll throw my hat in support of this. I loved making the the legendary weapons and working to find all the bits (Though my handle crafted by the weaver disappeared twice :frowning: )

But something to make them just a weeeee bit more legendary at least visually would be great.