Heimers theory on ranged combat

so today i was thinking…hey! mainhand isnt actually attached to the hand! my head tells me that means i could slide the mainhand bone in voxel pirates blender add-on and make it look like a hearthling is throwing his sword like a boomerang!

and then i thought…what if there was an arrow bone? then we can make all sorts of custom arrow qbs and attach to bone slot??

this would work right? i havent tried it yet

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Oh, is it my time to come and animate?

problem will be, how do we get the enemy get hit when the arrow contacts him/her/it


make the weapon have really long reach with high reach values?

Its fun to do, done it many times. Typical results in A LOT of shuffling as the combat code hasnt been written with longer ranges in mind yet.

well halfway there

i move around too much so the best view is the last 2, as u can see i am a little over excited xD

ULTRASWORD GUARRRRRDDS! Those are one long swords dude, like dahell.

i like big swords ok? xD for fighting big things