Two Handed Weapon Animation

I was watching today’s stream and I was thinking that the patrolling animation for a soldier that has a two-handed weapon should be carrying it arround resting on his shoulder! Similar to what the soldier has before striking. People who were watching the stream could remember me proposing it: ReaperRev
Great job with the animations!


I agree the two-handed weapon needs some unique animation, both for resting and for fighting. Not to mention, the current two-handed sword can be weilded in one hand!

Yeah, the pike is really disatisfying with a lack of poking. I’m actually working on a hunter’s spear for a mod, so I’ll look into first modelling poking attacks with that spear, and then maybe overriding the animation with the pike.

No promises or ETAs.

EDIT: Sandwitch should get the title of thread necromancer.

As in reviving fourm post?