Spear suggestion

I notice that when footman have spears in hand they swing it like a sword. A thrusting motions would make much more sense. But thats just me lol


If it’s a spear it’s thrown.
If it’s a pike it’s thrusted :wink:

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some poking animation, maybe small knockback too.

Yes to knockback. There are many attacks in Stonehearth that needs knockback.
All Ogre attacks, Stone monsters (the biggest ones). Gigant Zombie attacks.
2h sword attacks?

Spears/Pikes should have greater range and a stun/knockback chance to keep melee units away from the Pikeman.

and they have a longer range, maybe carry a small sword or something if they throw it

Weapon animations in general could use some expanding as we get new weapon types. However, it seems Radiant is currently trying to bulletproof the last few extremities of the building system to make it rock-solid so they can continue forward unimpeded on other areas.

I’d love to see Rayya’s get monks with punching animations and staff attacks, though!