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Special attacks?
I think the top tier units(later)should be able to use special abilities(passive or activate). I mean… a paladin should be able to heal him self(later) and the barbarian could go berserk!
Of course it should be a limit like the paladin need to rest before he can use his ability again and the barbarians special only lasts for a limited time and gets tired.

Tier one units:

Settelment milita: weapon: spear armor: very light health low

Settelment guard: weapon: sword armor: very light health low

Hunter weapon bow and arowss armor none health very low

Tier two:

Town militia: weapon spear(better) armor: light health averege

Town guard: weapon: sword(better) armor light health averege

Archer militia weapon bow and arrows armor very light health low

Tier three

Spear soilder: weapon: spear armor medium healt medium

Swordsman weapon: sword armor medium health medium

Axeman weapon one handed axe armor light health medium

Archer weapon bow and arrows armor light health averege

Crossbowman weapon crossbow and bolts armor light health averege

Tier four

Castle guard weapon sword armor medium and shield health high

Pikeman: weapon pike armor medium health high

Maurader weapon twohanded weapon armor light health high

Elite archer weapon bow and arrows armor light health medium

Heavy crossbowman weapon crossbow and bolts armor medium health medium

Tier five!

Paladin: Weapon spear armor high and shield special heal(self explainatory) health very high

Royal Pikeman weapon pike armor high special brace any mounted unit that runs in to him losses his mount health high

Shield bearer weapon sword armor very high and shield special hold armor increases by 40 % unit cant move or be pushed back health extremely high

Slayer weapon twohanded sword armor light special charge! Unit charges and does a lot of enemies damage(even more when flanking) health high

Beserker weapon twohanded axe armor medium special berserk! Does extra damage and takes less damage only last for a few seconds so time it right
Health high

Royal archer weapon bow and arrow, dagger armor medium special concentrate Increases range and acurcy for a limited time health high

Monster hunter bow, crossbow, arrows, bolts armor light special holy arrow fires a holy arrow, bolt that does extra damage against monsters health medium

Royal crossbowman weapon crossbow bolt armor heavy special pierce fires a bolt that ignores armor health high

Some mechanics
A shield should be able to block and give resistans to an enemies attack that makes villegers fly away(bad description)

Heavy armored units should moves slower

A rock papper sccisor system. Spearmen are good against axemen that are good against swordsmen and so on

Arrows should be able to be blocked by a shield depending on the shields and the arrows quality.

Big units should be able to launch away your settelers.

Some types of settelers should be able to fight mobs. If a lumber jack with a big axe meets a hostile rat he should not run away.

Minor things

Maybye when a swordsman block he could raze his shield? That would be neat.

Enemy mechanichs:

Lower tier units like the goblin should flee when their leader is killed(does not affect skeletons)
There should be like grand goblin castles. It would be like a goblin capital that is very hard to find. It would contain lots of worker, soilders and other type of goblins.

All living should be attacked by skeletons. The dead hates the living you know…

Short leadership mechanichs.

Maybye you want a leader… He or she gives you a special boost…People are arguing about how leadership is going to exsist or work…
I have the solution!
You can only have one typ of leader!
Lets say you have a highest level tier soilder like the paladin, you can promote him to a general that fights and inspirers his men as he charges onto the battle field. Or a farmer who became a finacial man(cant find the word for it) and increases harvest. Im not going to have a wizard leader(read A bunch of suggestions magic first) because that would be overpowerd.


The general: Came from: All tier five soilders weapon: Depending on what he was before. Armor: extremele high health: extremele high
Bonus: increases moral, health and damage by 10% when fighting with his men
When killed: decreses moral, health and damage by 20% untill the battle is over.

The finacial guy(figuring out a name)
Comes from: Nobleman(later in classes)
Bonus: Increses harvest and mining capabilitis by 20%
When killed: Decresses harvesting and mining capabilitis by 20% untill the next day.

Please tell me about other types of leaders you would want in the game and i will come up with something.

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You’d be helping both yourself and us if you gave the thread a title more fitting the subject matter within … I’m assuming this thread is for discussion surrounding combat units?

As exhilarating as it is, we don’t close and merge things simply for the thrill of it, it’s predominately to house discussion in one area where it will be beneficial rather than having say 10 or 15 different threads all discussing the same issue.

Of course if a thread is better located outside of these threads then by all means create away.

I don’t believe we have a specific unit thread … we have an ideas thread for the system itself, so I’ll let this stand for the mean time.

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If people ask for new threads not to merge them. You know that a merge is fitting.

To some extent I can understand him. Due to the flat structure of discourse, it may prove difficult to have such discussions.

In this case, if I understood him correctly, he wants to discuss the combat abilities of units rather than units themselves - something that would just drown in-between all the shleich king and baa-sheep discussions (for example…)

It’s difficult to have two different threads of thought in the same Discourse thread if you get what I mean. That’s probably where two different threads are justified.

Oh definitely, that’s why people should use the “Reply as new topic” function a bit more :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way I can’t find a thread specifically for the suggestion/ discussion of combat units/ combat special abilities (I think we’ve lost the discussion in another thread somewhere), so this is perfectly fine to stand, I would change the title but I’m not sure what @Supergamer33 wants to specifically talk about.

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New update! Exciting right?

the two most relevant threads i could find (but quite a few came up, just generically searching for “combat”):

@SteveAdamo thanks! But i meant links to my previusposts…

@Geoffers747 @Miturion @RepeatPan new update!

Your original post could do with formatting, it would make the whole thing a lot easier to read and break up the wall of text a bit!

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my OCD got the best of me, and I made some very minor tweaks… its crazy what a little headlining and bolding will do for one’s complexion!


Or images! You know I like my images. :wink:

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Well, it’s difficult to pass comments on stuff that we really know very little about, right now it would just be everyone essentially suggesting a combat system and combat units … whilst these things are good and interesting to talk about it becomes difficult when you then try and relate them to the game.

Other than that a lot of what you’re suggesting already rings true with what we know, in that there will be different types of units, each of which is probably gonna be upgradeable to these different tiers/ specialities. We know that there will likely be the archetypal tank, healer, ranged etc. units.

Having said all this, in terms of actual feedback:

Your early tiers, make sense I suppose, they are what you would imagine are the bog standard types of classes you would encounter … Gnomoria spices things up (probably taken from Dwarf Fortress but I don’t know) with different ‘perks’ that mean your unit has certain bonuses when fulfilling that perks fighting style - i.e. “Way of the Gnome” I believe is an unarmed combat perk, so fighting unarmed gives that unit a certain bonus.

Also I’m not sure if you need to separate archer/crossbow class, it would perhaps be more streamlined to have an ‘archer’ class and then equip the units with a bow/crossbow depending on what you want that unit to do.

Do you mean Gorilla as in a strong brutish unit, or Guerilla as in a guerilla army/ fighter … if it’s the latter then I don’t personally think they’d be using burdensome two handed swords … perhaps they’d be more of a rogue type character?

What do you mean by this?

I believe this is already in the ‘proof of concept’ Kickstarter video … though I might be wrong.

Is this not against the game design? In that a class is defined by his tool? Meaning as soon as he gets a new tool, he becomes a different class?

If you meant maybe he could dual wield then that could be a good idea. My thoughts would be a hierarchy where archer can become either the more skilled crossbowman or longbowman depending on whether you want more power/range(?)…after all the archer will be one of the basic bottom tier combat units, and this would make sense using the Stonehearth class tree typical hierarchy. :slight_smile:

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Well, I meant rather than having the separation you could potentially have a catch-all ‘ranged’ class … but maybe you’re right, who even knows what right is?

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my thoughts as well… there would definitely have to be an interesting game decision to make though (ex. promoting an archer to a crossbowman to gain increased damage, armor options, etc.)…

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@Geoffers747 i mean like you know in lotr when the trolls invade minas tirith and fight the soilders… The soldiers just flies away when their club hits them…

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Ahhhh okay, that’d be pretty cool, an ogre or a titan is attacking you and clubs some of your weaker units away.

It’s not only cool, but hilarious!

I could see this happening with Cthulhu’s “titan stomp” from the campaign video… units getting launched hither and thither… :smile:

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