Swordmaster? (Class)

Hey all,

I’ve seen a lot of suggestions for extra classes, a bunch of which i think are great (actually all of them, but you cant have everything). I havent seen any like the swordmaster. actually, i dont even know if there are classes revealed for fighting units in general yet. Either way, I wanted to post up a quick (VERY quick and rough) sketch.

And evidently the… uploader isnt working.
Ill try fixing that later.

anyway, I had these guys in mind for being an elite fighting squad, unique in that they would have such good control of the battlefield that they would actually be able to defend team mates. Specifically the idea would be to send in a squad of three of four of these guys as a deadly unit. but of course, it would take a lot of training to get that good.

I guess what im asking is, what do we have so far in this category? I mean i know there are the magma smith etc, but… elite fighting units? knightly orders?

the Big Game Hunter may fall loosely into this category …

When I think of Berserkers, I think of dual-wielding, leather-clad, very fast, high damage units. They take a lot melee damage, and are more suited to take on large amounts of low level enemies.

I’d think that Berserkers almost no-clothed Celtic-like fast, offense melee warriors. They’d deal alot of damage but have pitiful stamina.

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Maybe im looking for something like sword master then.

Then change the title.:stuck_out_tongue:

right so in the vein of knightly orders, I think it would be pretty great to have one. this would introduce another level of depth to the game since it would not only add more options for sharing soldiers (my coop partner forms an order and one of my soldiers squires to their order, then we are sharing soldiers) then you can have different orders which have different values. honor, vengence, death, etc, also allows for room for more mini quests and huge bosses. (avatars of gods?)

Would these men fight clad heavily in armor with a sword and shield (tanking damage and better for single bigger targets), or will the be more of a decent armor with a claymore/bastard sword (better against many small enemies)? Either way I like them.

well im thinking perhaps two subclasses? two different types of master soldiers?

One type would be heavily armored and would do a lot of damage to large enemies and have a lot of health and defence, (called knights?)

and yeah, i like your idea about the other class, swordmasters, being less armored, but faster (better dodging and faster attacks) good against many smaller enemies.

and lastly, i think if either of these classes have horses, i think they should be able to dismount so that they can both fight on foot or on horseback. for variety. and tactics

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Are you thinking what I’m thinking?



haha well played. [quote=“Avairian, post:10, topic:3931”]
Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Im actually thinking of something more along medieval lines :stuck_out_tongue: but those are amazing books.

Ill post a picture tomorrow.

Here is a quick sketch I did depicting a sword master.


That looks like the other class that @Richard_Rahl mentioned, the more armored one.

thats supposed to look like leather (that was drawn in 5 minutes) and he doesnt have any head armor! you going to send a knight into combat without head armor!? you deserve to be fired! :stuck_out_tongue:

A longsword is a two-handed weapon, capes are a hazard, and are those clogs(jk)? The dagger and sword combo is nice. Though he should at least wear some sort of helmet (though nothing that blocks field of view). Also I was thinking of a more of a scale armor (lightish weight, with over-lapping scales to provide better strength against arrows.

P.S. I over analyse sometimes.

like this

depending on what the scale is made of it would be very heavy and difficult to make. That was supposed to be more of a scimitar. All good points though. The idea with the lack of head armor was that he was going to be too fast to be hit. i mean, better safe than sorry, but that was my thinking. I think I’m sort of thinking along the lines of the fire emblem sword masters.

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with my uncle being an airplane parts builder I was able to goof around with scrape steel, glass cutters, and other things. And actually got to make a few things, and steel scale armor isn’t really that heavy.

I do medieval re-enactments and I wear chainmail often. That stuff ways 30 pounds and adding scales would just make it heavier. Maybe the magma smith could forge extremely light weight armor?


titanium’s too new, also why does he need chainmail? as the picture shows all you need a wool shirt underneath.