Footman Weapon Upgrade Bug

I found a strange bug earlier today while playing in my game. I’m not sure how easy it will be to reproduce, but it’s probably worth nothing.

Unless the game is lying to me, it says that a short sword has 18 attack, unless I misremembered. And an iron spear says it has 14 attack. I made an iron spear at my blacksmith, and one of my footman using a short sword went over and picked it up to ‘upgrade’, though technically this would be a downgrade? Anyways, if anyone else can replicate/has encountered this issue, pipe in? I’m assuming it might be a mistake somewhere in the code, or perhaps the displayed attack values for the weapons.

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I think this is likely due to the weapons not being balanced yet!!

Basically, Team Radiant will be adding a ton of stuff in the next few releases and will play with the stats of each individual item when the game is in a more ‘final’ state. Weapons have a level that ranks them in terms of ‘desirability.’ If I remember correctly, when the spear was being modeled and implemented, its code was copied from another weapon so that it could be quickly tested. You can have a look on the Stonehearth Twitch channel - they have archives of past development videos.

This should be sorted out in a later version of the game, when things like gameplay balancing are looked at.

Thanks for the report!


The base situation when everything was fine:
2 Footmen, both equipped with a Thick Leather Vest, a Wooden Shield and then one with a Bronze Mace and the other with an Iron Mace.
Then I crafted another Bronze Mace and now both my Footmen are equipped with a Bronze Mace although the Iron Mace should have the better stats.

System is Windows 8.1 x64 on latest (develop-2380 x64)

known issue ^^ ilevel from the bronce mace 8 and from the iron mace 6 ^^ if you want i can make a quick fix :wink: