[Res] Y U no like my Weapons? (Leet Iron Pike)

I’ve crafted better weapons, but my footmen just walk on by. (and they’re in a proper storage spot)


That would be because the ilevel for the Iron Pike is currently 1337 so it’s being classed as the highest level weapon available… @Tom and the Team should probably change that!

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i have checked it - its correct ^^ its at the moment 1337 and the long sword has only 10 ^^ i think its a little issue ^^ it should be lvl 7 :wink: better than the iron mace but lower then the short and long sword.

i have rewritte it - here just copy it extracted in the stonehearth.smod and test it.


I’m having trouble thinking this was an accident… Iron Pike is ilevel “leet”?



i dont understand ^^ it shows “leet” ?

Old school joke

Look up “Leet speak” when you get the chance, should explain it.


OKKK ^^ lol nice :smiley: hmmmm good question now if this is not a bug more an easteregg to irritate us ^^


and this is yet another reason to love Team Radiant :smile:


It’s true the pike is the highest level weapon. I demoted my footman and re-hired him and he went back and picked up every single one of those weapons, but put them all down and went for the pike.

have you tried my zip? with this the longsword should the best weapon ^^

Don’t forget that loading a saved game will load all weapon values as per the save, and not as per the files on disk.

jup thats right ^^ because of this i have must often restart a new game while translation ^^ but i dont know why its save all values . i think its to much (and because its saves all informations its broken often or saves to long :wink: like in other games its saves only the location of the objects and load then the informations when the games start ^^

@Wiese2007, I’ll try your zip tomorrow when I get a chance, thanks.

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I remember why! This weapon was made on stream. Tom wanted the footman to pick it up, so to test this he gave the weapon a high ilevel. He didnt know how high it should be, so he gave it a lvl he knew needed to be changed later. So when he saw it again he wouldnt forget.

But I guess he forgot or hasn’t decided yet on the lvl

@SteveAdamo was there I think. I dont watch all the streams (im from europe) but steve is useally present.

Maby we should paige @sdee or @Tom. Dont know if I’m allowed its not a minor bug but not a game breaking one either. But you cant force a footman to unequip something (yet) so its a bit annoying it wont equip better weapons.


This is why i always go strait to steel weapons for now!

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this or use the zip i have uploaded and start a new game :wink:

I do recall now, thanks @Oldra! I’m sure the team will adjust this in due time … and there will be constant “balance passed” made for combat (among other things)… :+1:


new release same issue ^^ still 1337 xD uploaded for this version also useable ^^


just for information in the new betarelase there is also the false ilevel for the iron pike with 1337 instead 7 ^^ so thats still the “best” weapon ^^

@sdee just for info ^^


Someone needs to remind @tom about this during a stream, when he can easily change it :slight_smile: