Footman won't equip a better weapon

I have a footman that currently using a short sword, 22 attack. She won’t equip a new sword which I have modded in that has 30 attack, for some reason.

I’ve previously added weapons with no problem of equipping them. Where might this be going wrong?

Footman equip weapons by item level and not by damage. So find the item level in the files for your weapon and increase it slightly.


as @Frostbyte said, items are equipped by ilevel,

i believe the short sword has an ilevel of 14, so you will need to set your swords ilevel to something higher then that in order for them to choose it over a short sword.

hope that helps.


Long swords are 28 damage, level 22 and bone axes 26 damage, level 21, so you should probably set the level to 23 for your 30 damage.


Thanks! Didn’t realize that.

Interesting. Are there any weapons where item level and weapon damage are out of line, or where two weapons have different damage but the same item level?

I think they are in line so far, but I guess weapons will differ more in reach, damage and speed later, so a slow weapon with high damage might not be the best weapon anymore.

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Yeah. I was just wondering if there were any “trap options,” weapons that were bad to manufacture because they were worse than equivalents.

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