[MOD](A21)One handed sword for footman

Hello this is my first mod so it will be a simple one.

The mod adds a new one handed steel sword that the footman can use at lvl 4. It can be crafted by a lvl 4 blacksmith with 2 steel.

If you find any bugs please comment and i will try to fix it right away.



Can you post a picture of your sword? :slight_smile:

Looks like this? The damage of the sword looks to be off for what it’s supposed to be. Also its iLevel is higher than it should be for the damage.

I have added a picture of the sword now :slight_smile:

Yes it have the same look as the normal short sword.

It have the same damage as the normal short sword.

The iLevel is higher because i want footman to chose steel sword over iron pike.

Thanks for the comment! :slight_smile:


Hey! First off, thanks for making this. I had been waiting for more than just the Knights to be able to use these types of weapons.

Anyway, dumb question… I’m used to the .smod version where you just drag and drop mods into the ‘mods’ folder of Stonehearth. For this ZIP file though, how do I install it?

Thanks buddy,

just rename the .zip part to .smod so rename it to footman_sword.smod you may need to enable view extensions to do it

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Is that it? Gosh, I’m foolish! : D

Alright, thanks man.


Can you tell me how to install this mod? Because it has 3 files inside the zip, which one should I rename to .smod and play in the mod folder ??

Sorry for my noobice, I’m new to the game.

I guess the .zip itself. The file you saw inside it is named manifest.json? If so that is it, rename the .zip to .smod.

Ok, vou testar aqui vlw

How did you get that grey rim around that picture, @aviex?

Using an image editing software. I do not recommend doing it though as that style is apparently not being used anymore in the game. Old items had this, new ones don’t.