Ideas For Weapons

Hi,Please Give me some ideas for nice weapons to put on a pack can be all of things like maces swords anything

Sword Art Online.

Don’t forget the best category!! Lances, pole arms, spears, etc… reach weapons ftw

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I saw that Elucidator and thought it looked familiar…

You have no idea the lobbying I’ve done up to this point for this underappreciated weapons family.

In regards to the pack, @Mine_Tutorials, how large is it and how varied/homogenous should the weapons be? Whenever I think of carried gear, I can’t help but think first of the Link artwork from the first Legend of Zelda:

Granted, there’s a lot more than weapons there, but depending on the purpose of the pack you mentioned, there’d likely be a few other related items hanging from it too (such as a mat and stakes, if it’s a vendor).


Love the idea of variety, but right now I think the biggest issue in weapons and armor is balancing the tiers well.
I never make any of the armors, since the starting uniform is the same as thick leather, I jump straight to full plate. Whatever armors they find sacking goblin camps they can use no need to craft.
The same goes for weapons, the goblin chief gives you the strongest weapon in the game and he’s easy to kill with wooden swords. No reason to make any other weapons. I might craft a few iron short swords for exp to get to the steel 2 handed sword. But only if I need weapons for new soldiers, usually I get enough bone axes and great clubs to not need anything but the steel shield.
Once at the start of the game the first trader wanted 3 farming hoes for 2 bone axes.


That is really really cool i gonna make 1 or 2 of the swords