Custom Armor and Weapons (Suggestion)

@Froggy I think rounding out the plume a little bit would add a nice geometric contrast to the squarish soldier, but that’s probably because I’m the most picky person to walk this earth. I love it overall though especially the cloak :smile: and I’d have to agree with the cousins :wink: that the one third from the left is my favorite.

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@Lycandar great idea @Froggy great implementation good variety. Keep it coming

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Round is quite difficult to do so I tried to emphasise it some more:

Looks a bit like



not to give anyone any ideas but that should be modded in ROFL

Already on it :wink:

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@Froggy … honestly mate, i’m wearing out the like button over here… from now on, i’m reserving this as a sign of my admiration for all your efforts… :godmode:

seems fitting…

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Looks great! I do think however that the gold plug shape in the middle of the chest plate is just a little too much? To me it doesn’t look right. Everything else looks great though!

If you’re looking for things to do, would love to see colour variations of the plume and blue undershirt? Green, purple, yellow, red? All lined up next to each other?

I feel kinda bad asking for these things …

I actually thoroughly enjoy it, so ask away!

I literally haven’t been bored since I installed Qubicle

Ya, it was just a thought. The gold in the plume looks really nice and makes it pop even more… don’t know how you keep doing this stuff but I sure hope you keep on doing it :astonished:

ok… i realize this isnt much to go on, but it is my absolute favorite Frank Frazetta image (most of you will probably recognize it)… and chance you could “whip up” a voxel version of this ridiculously cool looking guy? :smiley:

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Ohhh deary…That’s…oh my. I will be impressed at the voxel version of this, without a doubt. Someone has gotta mod this guy in as a hero/bandit. Solo unit that is not quite titan status, but legendary beyond belief. Just look at that warhorse!! :eyes:



You sure I couldn’t interest you in a picture of a coconut? A banana perhaps?

Hmm, breaking it down, seems like the helmet, shield, axe and spurs make this chappy. I’ll have a go, but I might be limited by resolution



Maybe we would be able to add our own country emblems to the cloaks that could be interesting the color palette you used on those guys looks great.

haha… yes, it is quite a tall order… but i wasnt looking for the complete package… no demands for warhorses and epic shields… i would be over the moon just to see that character, in the same scale as the existing units, just styled similar to Frank’s image… good grief, he would so strike fear into the masses… well, @Geoffers747 anyways…

wow, it really is quite astounding what a few slashes of color can do! :+1:

Amazing @Froggy. As @SteveAdamo it’s incredible how simply changing the colours really mixes it up!

I like @Zendorf’s suggestion about the symbol in the cape … not sure if there’s enough space for something like the castle on [url]this flag/banner [/url] . I’ve mentioned before that I hope those symbols are customisable on these banners, to reflect your settlement etc.

Edit: Just realised it’s on the shield as well. Having our own sigils will be awesome!

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Yeah, I was going to say it is doable, but as you can see in option 3, the higher the voxel count on the decal, the crapper it looks :blush:


The blue guy, is that a whale?

looks more like a hawk to me.

yep i can see what you mean with the voxels but still looks amazing

And you sir, win a prize. Have some cake :cake:

the beauty… the majesty… the cloaks!

i would have to agree with you… this is indeed a case of “less is more”…

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