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I read the post about the latest update develop-3378, where there was quite the speach of the changed Stonehearth icon, and this hit me. Would it not me cool if you could make your own icon or logo, as something you could place on a banner or a decorative shield. This would also make it more easy to seperate from different towns in multiplayer (when it will arrive). I havn’t thought how you would make your own logo as a player, so guyes keep the ideas comming like a river.

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um… if you mean make a logo in photosop that wouldnt be the best idea cuz they could make innapropriate logos and that wouldnt be good, but if there was something like 5 arias where you can choose stuff crom that would be good,

Bull’s head - Block - fire

Red - Blue - Black&Green

Spikes - Glowing Eyes

That would be a good idea i guess

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I agree that having a list of logos to choose from would be best. Unfortunately, there is always someone who tries to take advantage of user-built ingame pictures. Perhaps when the time comes for multiplayer there could be a thread to ask for approval of some new logos, created by players, to add to the list.

There’s nothing stopping me, as a player, from modding in banners and shields with inappropriate art on them. Or just freely placing blocks in the building editor into something inappropriate.

So I feel like worrying about that is beside the point.


I would have to agree with coasterspaul, I think if this were the case and the team created a small UI that allowed the player a set amount of space, much like a blank canvas, and a color pallet on the side, and just grid out the canvas the player could create a voxel shaped design with ease

Yeah I was thinking it to be a UI where you can make your own logo, with different opportunties. There just have to be quite a variant of stuff to choose between. If not a lot op people would have the same logo.

And of course people would make inappropriate stuff, pople will properly make inappropriate constructions anyway.

Thx for reading :smile:

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