8BitCrab's mods: "More Gold". V3.1 released, gold deposits and heroes swords!

what does More Gold do?

this mod will add more uses for gold, such as weapons, armor, furniture, and more

note: excuse the slightly stupid name, i just couldnt think of anything better at 1 am.

version 3.1

  • adds golden armor
  • adds gold long sword
  • adds gold short sword
  • adds golden shield
  • adds gold deposits
  • adds paintings
  • adds heroes sword

known issues

  • none!

planned features

  • balancing on the weapons & armor
  • ability to craft gold coins
  • gilded furniture
  • more weapons & armor types
  • to be updated


the recipe’s. apparently i had been writing “gold” way to much, though in some ways that typo makes a pretty great pun… :smirk:

sword and shield positions are now fixed!

looking good! or at leas much better then when it was off centered.

thank you’s

the idea came from @a001tom, so thank you to him, here’s a link to the suggestion thread.

a big thank you to @Drotten for putting up with me bugging him due to problems i was having

thank you to @PegLeg for his super helpful tutorial on centering models made with magicavoxel.

a thank you to @sdee for making the sample mod.

thats all for now folks, if you run into any bugs then please report them here.


Having more use for gold? Thank you! Also, here’s a suggestion; change the title to “Useful gold mod.”


thats a not bad name, but if i change it then i have to change even more stuff in the files. :persevere: though i guess i could just change it to that on the discourse…


woohoo! nice @8BitCrab!

for those of us stuck at work, slap up some screenshots! :smile: :+1:


doh! i knew i was forgetting something :confounded:

just give me a second and i’ll be back with screenshots

edit: added the screenshots to the main post.


updated the download to version 1.1, which has fixed the problem of the swords and shield being off centered.

relesed! kkk ins’t released? nice mod so :smile:
i go continue my mod pack in just a few days
Can i make models for you? xD just for return the favor

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gosh… this is why i shouldnt type when im tired :laughing:

i was going to update the mod to add some armor, but then this happened…

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Hmmm seems like the armor pieces might not be exported right. Remember armor should be exported with the right corner touching the origin. (look like it was centered around the origin.


so i thought i was doing it right, when i was actually doing it all wrong :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

that is indeed what i did, guess i’ll have to redo it then. thanks for the info @Avairian :smile:

edit: so that was what was causing the problem, so thank you @Avairian for telling me the fix, i plan on adding some more stuff tomorrow, so the mod will be updated then.

edit #2: so i kinda… just… got busy yesterday and forgot to update the mod :grimacing:

so the mod is now updated to V2, which adds golden armor to the mix of other things.

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so i just want to know, is anyone actually interested in this mod? and by “interested” i mean, will/have you actually download and use the mod. or is this just a “waste” of my time, and should i be focusing on other mods?

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i am using in my stonehearth

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thanks for the reply :smile:

i will continue to update this mod then, i just wanted to make sure that somebody was using it and i wasnt just making it for no reason.

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i ask this for me too =/ if have anybody using any model or mod i make

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I also use it, nice when have a lot of gold and little else close by

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good to hear, its always nice to know that people are using something your putting time into making, and that your time isn’t just going to waste :smile:

i’m currently working on some decorations, so there should be another update within the next week.

here’s the “simple picture” it will be the base to all the other paintings for this mod.


Looking forward to more of this :smile:

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so i was going to update to V3, but now the mod hates me. so stick with me guys, i’ll try and sort stuff out and update later today, for now heres a “sneak peak” at one of the main features of V3,

so the problem was an easier and quicker fix than i thought it would be, so i will update the mod right now!


notes for V3

in V3 ive done a bit more balancing on the weapons, i think they’re pretty good for now.

you can now find “gold deposits” in the plains and forests, these are harvestable like boulders, spawn in groups of 1-3, and drop 6 gold ore each.

also in the plains you can find a rare* sword stabbed in the ground.

**i cant actually control the rarity, thus if you have an all plains world your bound to get more of them.*

i’ve also added the paintings, though they are not actually complete yet, and dont really like to cooperate with you, or anything for that matter.


Have you thought of trying to use a one off campaign node for this? (i’d take a look at the item donation one in the shops category)

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