[MOD] Panabsorbium Vest

Here’s a way to get rid of all that pesky silver and gold in your stockpile:

Panabsorbium Vest

Panabsorbium on Github
Direct download of .smod

It’s a simple armour mod with a crafting chain. Adds the following:

  • A Panabsorbium ingot, made with 4 silver ingots, 2 gold ingots, and 1 wood resource
  • A Panabsorbium Vest, made with 4 Panabsorbium ingots, a cloth, and a thread, and providing 15 defense
  • A speed-increasing buff for the wearer of the Vest

Nothing too serious, just a way to get me started on modding Stonehearth. I’ve written a tutorial, which you can see inside the Notes.md file, on how to add armour into the game. I’ve noticed a lot of people are making awesome models, but don’t know how to incorporate them into the game. Right now, the tutorial is incomplete, but it will teach you how to make a craftable item. My target is to make it usable as a guide to making a mod like this possible, and I’ll continue working on it if there is interest. The bits I’ve still got to add are making the custom ingots, adding a buff, and packaging into a .smod.

Please let me know if you read it, and doubly so if you use it. Feedback is very appreciated both for the mod itself and for the accompanying tutorial.



I like it thank you!

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Downloaded, this is great. Thanks!

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I’ve cleaned up the tutorial to be less embarrassing and to provide some sort of useful item at the end. Now that it covers both creating the armour and making it craftable by the Blacksmith, you can actually get a real craftable item in your game. If there is interest, I will add the sections on how to add a buff to the wearer or the armour, and how to package the finished mod into a .smod. Until then, I’m going to look into other aspects of modding, like scripting, and see what things I can create.


WOW @Moai :slight_smile: Great work… and the tutorial is amazing

@SteveAdamo gave me some of these a while ago… I think you deserve some :wink:

+5 Internet Points to you :+1:


nonsense! what is this heresy!?! according to our by laws, only I may bestow internet points!!


however, given how much I admire @honestabelink I find myself conflicted with the punishment to be doled out…

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i shall call upon him when the time is right… :smile:


I fear your hold on the interwebs is loosening.

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@honestabelink now is the time to run!

On behalf of my settlers I would like to say thank you for the new armor. @Moai I love the mod, simple beautiful and efficient.