[MOD] GoblinTokens 1.02


This modification adds the ability to tear down the Goblin Tokens into the wood and thread resource.

##Link: GoblinTokens

Update: 1.01 - Fixed Tear Down Recipie.
Update: 1.02 - Chance to Tear Down a Bolt of Cloth.


1: Click the link to get the Zip file.
2: Extract the goblintokens.zip and place the goblintokens.smod file into your mods folder under stonehearth\mods
3: Load the game and enjoy.

This mod wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Radiant and the generous people in this forum which have spent hours of their time helping members of this community. Give them a thanks also. Special thanks to member @Drotten who spent his time to fix this mod.


Updated this mod so that there is a chance to tear down a bolt of cloth instead of thread.

I like this mod thanks for making it!

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Great job! Hopefully the tokens are removed soon.

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I actually want them back into the unstable versions.

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Well, Tom said that he might add them back as a rare drop…


I don’t mind them being common, it would be nice to have more things to do with them though.

Actually, that’s given me an idea :laughing:

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Mod Link 404’d


It should work now @NonBritGit