Goblins claim goblin honor tokens

I try to play peaceful with the goblins around me. Then they claim Goblin honortokens from me.
As far as i know i get this tokens after fighting them. So this is not a good combo for playing a peaceful game.
Its more a balancing problem than a real bug.

Also the goblins wan`t resources like Oak logs. If I start building a house my worker use all the oak logs first (not all the other kinds of logs). As additional feature request it would be good to “mark” the needed items as used. so other hearthlings will not use them for crafting.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. be friendly to goblins and listen to there wishes.
  2. some wishes have combinations that are hard to achieve

I don`t know how the “quests” are created, but maybe its good to add “weapons” also to the filter. -> idea: befriend with goblins forces a peaceful gamemode, not forced to create weapons is a good way on this road.


Version Number and Mods in use:
develop-3109 (x64) -> alpha 18


This is very similar to this:
Not necessarily bug reports as you pointed out, but balancing issues. I’ll ping @linda on this one - @sdee did some fixes for the Goblin requests awhile back (so they didn’t ask for fractions of logs) so she might be of assistance here as well.

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