Goblin Tokens Are Cool, More Please

Love them. Not sure what else can be dropped from goblins/skeletons but its probably the main reason I choose a normal game over peaceful. I would like to see different tokens and more drops from defeating enemies. Maybe the chieftain can drop the little flag off his shoulders and my warrior can wear it, maybe wolves drop wolf teeth or a wolf head. To me, there is not much of advantage over a normal game vs a peaceful game, so adding more drops and cosmetic stuff would be satisfying for having to fight off enemies. Great game, I love it, cant wait for more updates.

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Goblin tokens used to droP off of every kill, and it got quite rediculous pretty quickly.


Tokens as “rare drops” but with more diverse tokens would be really neat :slight_smile: Is there anything you can do with tokens other than decorate, though? It could be interesting to possibly have them as a gameplay feature - displaying goblin tokens will get you fewer goblins, for example, because they’re intimidated over the fact that you’ve clearly killed their brethren, but you’ll get stronger goblins as a result trying to avenge the fallen.

Cool ideas @shadymailman


The point of playing on normal is for the enemies to provide a challenge. Right now the enemies can be a bit too easy in my opinion. Yet I know they are planning to overhaul the combat system and add in new enemies with alpha fourteen so I’m not too worried.

That said it would be nice if you could get more items to place from enemy, or neutral, races. Stealing the goblin campfire, the goblin chest, etc . . . rather than simply destroying them would provide us with some nice trophies that we couldn’t craft ourselves. Being able to get “goblin” work tables that allow special recipes would be rather amazing even if it meant facing more established goblin strongholds. It seems like the groundwork for something like that is already in place if the developers wanted to run with the idea.


I just thought of what skeletons can drop… Skeleton armor. Maybe a VERY rare drop but that would be cool to have a warrior in bone armor. Maybe only lvl 6 footman can wear?

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Well undead currently just show up, but if they eventually came out of ruins from previous settlements in the area perhaps we’d be able to brave those dangerous regions in order to get work tables and decorations from the interior of ruined buildings and tombs that our hearthlings can’t craft themselves. Who knows what the history of our game world holds? Are these undead hearthlings? Undead Dwarves? Who?

Ruins would be really cool. Maybe with special chests and special tokens.

Goblin Honor Tokens used to break my save files permanently when placed or in my inventory. I still avoid Goblin Tokens like the plague, I destroy them when I find them laying on the ground.

Well the main reason I posted this was to have a reason to play normal vs a peaceful game. Fighting off enemies is more challenging so I figure there could be more of a reward for killing them. Not anything that would give you a crazy advantage over a peaceful game, that’s why I was thinking decorations or costumes(bone armor off skeletons, different goblin tokens). As of right now, I don’t see a difference between the two other than enemy spawns. Would just like a little more reward for playing the more difficult mode. Once again, love this game. Keep it up guys.