Taking suggestions for Goblin "set pieces"!

per @Tom’s request on the 1/13/15 stream (Modelling Weapons, Armor, Etc.), please use this thread to submit your suggestions for goblin set pieces… things you might see in and about a goblin camp…

fire away! :smile: :+1:


soup pot with tiny skulls in it


I was thinking a half butchered Animal might make sense, The goblins seem the type to leave uncooked food laying around with ribs sticking out.


Bone Fences
Bone Braziers

A big throne of crude metal and bone that the chieftan sits on.


here are the items @Tom initially put to a poll:

  • totem
  • cage
  • fire pit with meat (hook)
  • pile of loot
  • weapon rack

A wooden/bone cage; it could gave an animal like a sheep inside, or it could even have a trapped person that you can rescue and recruit.

A drying rack with small animals/pieces of meat hanging off it.


Well, we know that goblins will soon have villages of their own.

What about graves?

There’d have to be some way to incorporate them in a way that your world wouldn’t be over-inhabited by Goblin grave markers, of course.

  • Hearthling attack dummy
  • Gold pile, cause goblins have to have some type of money. Right?
  • Goblin throne, for the goblin war chief.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to look at Lord of The Rings for some inspiration into the goblins.

  • Hearthling/human hanging from a tree

  • Spears in the ground

  • Tents

  • Treasure pile

  • Bonfire

  • Skulls


Tents/huts for the goblins to live in

I would say 2 crude tents. A crude firepit. A weapons rack. Treasure in one of the tents. A crude target dummy. And a totem with a skull

Cages with skeletons, living hearthlings, living goblins, and animals. (If you could free them it could be cool too)

Lots of food like cooking pots with soup, roasted animal and such.

Ragged banners. With bones and such.

Explosives (Because everyone knows goblins likes stuff that goes boom)


Tribal masks as wall ornaments

As an aside, I also like the idea of a witch doctor for the goblins once (if) healers are a thing.

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Wow so many dark suggestions! :open_mouth:

I’d like to see bits of ruin from previous inhabitants covered in goblin graffiti :smile:

-Goblin themed furniture: table, chairs, etc
-Lamps made of skulls on sticks or a skull hung on a wall
-Cages for various goblin ‘pets’
-Crude versions of Hearthling craft benches
-Rack of goblin armour/weapons (I like the idea of two crossed spears with a shield in front)
-Banners, flags, etc

Let make some lighter ones then :slight_smile:

A goblin statue of a goblin who is about to trip
A statue of a giant chicken
A temple containing the statue of a women with a rollin pin.


How about a shabby bed?
like just a pile of hey that they use as beds

A really BIG steal pot over a fire!
probably made to cook humans?

torches seem like a more convenient light source to them then a lantern


It would be cool if the first time you came into a goblin village there was a house on fire :slight_smile:

yes indeed… we saw several of those in the stream! one or two had some wicked looking skull designs painted along the sides as well… :smile: :+1:

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how about some bags of gold of some sort, goblins do quite a bit of raiding, you’d think over time they would accumulate some shining things.

you could really go any direction with it… basically the dimensions of the forge, have boxes of different sizes, with armor,weapons in a pile with some golds bags laying around…maybe even spilling out… could use the gold coals from the forge to make your job easier, representing gold coins.

sorry another idea. more aesthetic, based on the stream last night 1/13/2014 Tom was wanting the player to know “that’s a goblin item.”

how about some kegs of some sort, could stamp a symbol of gunpowder,dynamite or some type of goblin juice that they drink