Some ideas on a few things

I would appear on the twitch stream but well when Tom does start streaming its around 2:30 in the morning in England so that goes out the window so I thought I would put some ideas granted some may of appeared elsewhere

During one of my adventures a level 3 footman found herself coming down with a bad case of the dead’s did not affect the moral at all so I did wonder if there was any plans for a Graveyard? so at least the Gravestones that appear can be used there. So the Hearthlings can remember the fallen be it death by Goblins or starving themselves on a cliff or in a hole and refusing to use the ladders! Also to stop the Goblins from adding insult to injury and stealing said Gravestone and then running off into the forest and setting it on fire >.<

With the Blacksmith I like the idea but I did wonder if a Furnace would help matters more mostly with not having to sift though your inventory and decide how much you need to smelt a bar I know its early days yet but I hope something comes along that adds to helping matters more would also make a Blacksmith Shop look complete

Archers have been mentioned and are on the way I am sure but are they going to be a different crafting altogether aka a Fletcher?

With the Graveyard idea Priests as healing? so a church id quite like to build a church I have tried a few times just so I have a place to add the gargoyle heads and cathedral chairs

Other than the above there are a few more floating around but others have mentioned them as said If any of them have been suggested or anything like that point me there! thanks :slight_smile:

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You can create your own graveyard, design it as you will, the gravestones are movable, or they were?

I did but its hard to get the gravestone as most the time the Goblins will take it - run off with it and then set it on fire :stuck_out_tongue:

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before it has burned you are able to remove the stockpile that its sitting on, thus canceling the burning all together :smile:

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I hate doing that as the goblins completely break, basically just becoming idle citizens. I hope that in Alpha 9-10 when they add goblin villages, that when they steal stuff, they will actually use it instead of burning it. So say one goblin steals a piece of wood, said wood is turned into part of a wall, or maybe even stacked up on a giant loot pile with gold and all sorts.

A way so that you are able to regain what is lost, to seek revenge with reward.


its a good idea, but i still think they should be able to burn your wood, but other things, such as gold ingots, shouldn’t be burned. but that’s just my opinion.

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