A Couple Suggestions for Content

Just got the game on the Steam Autumn Sale. Did not know it existed before it was displayed on the store page there. Very glad I found it. Easily the most charming game I’ve played since Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.

Wanted to suggest the ability to play as a goblin village. Where perhaps humans would be the threat to you.

Also local multiplayer and private servers would be something I would really love to see happen.

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Welcome :smile:

While i won’t comment on your suggestions, you might find watching the old streams enjoyable if you haven’t been following them on twitch.

Take a look at the developer roadmap and you can get a sense of which of these suggestions are already being worked on.

hey there @porkfootjordan, welcome to the discourse :smile:

awhile back TR (the devs) tossed around the idea of making the goblins a playable race, but as far as i know in the end they decided against it… :confused:

however, i’m sure that someone will eventually make a mod that does exactly this :smile: