Steal props from the goblins, when we raid them

Title says it all!

On the dev stream today I saw lots of props i would love to have in my towns.

Would be cool if we could steal props from the goblin camps when we raid them and bring them back to our towns!


I agreed with you on the stream… stands to reason I should agree with you hear as well… :smile: :+1:


I missed a stream! what kind of props!!!

runs around flailing


Here is a link to the link to the Stream Recording!

Lots of Great stuff Coming To @StoneHearth

Last vod I can see is from December.


It should be the first one.

Sorry not sure what happened with my link. Hope you found the stream ok!

I just want to be able to put skulls and stuff like that in my towns.


I do know that in Alpha 9 when you kill goblins they do drop something. Not sure what its going to be but i cant wait!

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