Wow, that's some ballsy Goblins!

Haven’t even finished my house and they’re climbing onto the roof and steeling supplies!


Heh, I had this happen when my citizens were taking wood off a roof (That AI, you know.) A group of 9 goblins (Back in early alpha 4) attempted to kill the settlers. To make a long story short, they succeeded.

I’d move this to the ‘funny screenshots’ thread but I want to finish quickly reading the new topics so I can go to watch this week livestreams…

It’s a nice shot, an epic battle in the heights…

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@Relyss, are the live streams archived anywhere? I never can catch them… :sob:

@NonBritGit go to twitch user stonehearth, and go to their profile. Under the tab previous broadcasts you will find them.
Dont confuse it with highlights tab this tab doesnt contain all broadcasts