Goblin Honor Token?

not sure if this was known and im just out of the loop but:

dropped when i killed a goblin (in r201) perhaps on of the goblin set pieces.


I don’t know, I have 91 of them


lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: i also discovered there are multiple types (different amount of rings)


I think they need to make these a chance to drop and not drop of every goblin!


But how else would I know my guys kill count!


it would be all the better if you knew which token was from which footman’s kill…


I put the ones they kill behind the houses, my best guy has 6 and a half rows of 10 in his garden.

(My trapper has 3 rows even)


I stick one in front of every corner post of buildings. Gives the village a very tribal feel.


I don’t know, when I first saw them, I instantly thought Lord of the Flies.


That’s been added in the recent update, I think there are 2 variants. Maybe to show how many goblins you’ve killed…?


They add to your wealth as far as I can tell. There needs to be a use for them though, other than skulls on spikes. Ideally you would be able to trade them away for starters, as soon as money is implemented.

A more interesting, and much further down the road, idea would be to have them be a magical reagent. Use them with a vodoo magician to summon skeletons to defend your town. It would lower moral, but you would have an undead guard.

Or have goblins try to steal them back to summon vengeful goblins to go after your town.

Till then, just gimme a way to sell them.


Am I the only one who wants to craft them into other forms? Imagine your carpenter being able to make it into a sign, or a wall-mounted skull.


Kevin sauntered over to the farm. “How’s the corn doing, Bob?”

“Pretty good, pretty good, if I do say so myself.” Bob glanced over to where the green shoots were pushing up out of the ground. “Always a nice change from turnip if you ask me.”

“Aye, that’s Cid’s own truth.” Kevin didn’t even take his eyes off the corn as his sword lanced out to the right and stabbed the goblin through the throat. “Do wish Diana would let us cook up some mutton though.” He paused to bend down, pick up a small stone, and tossed it over Bob’s farm. There was an unpleasant sound, followed by one the village had gotten very used to: another goblin corpse hitting the grass.

“Say Kevin,” asked Bob.


“Just how many of them goblins 'ave you killed now?”

Kevin scratched his head with his left hand, whilst he nonchalantly pulled his sword out of another corpse with his right. “Gee, y’know I couldn’t rightly tell you. I mean, it’s been seven to- eight today,” he corrected, idly tapping another dead goblin’s head with his foot, “but couldn’t say how many in total. Wife’s not happy 'bout the mayor though.”


“Yeah, he keeps putting all them goblins’ trophies in her back yard. She gets right livid when she comes home from weaving and there’s another couple of rows. Does my head in sometimes.”

“Aah,” answered Bob, nodding in understanding. “I wondered why she brought back them flowers yesterday.”


Awesome little story haha
in a different thread I mentioned it would be awesome if we eventually could hire goblin mercenaries with these. That by giving them their tokens back you’ll earn their respect or something.


Sadly that world is gone now. Now on to the town of Willisberg. The tokens are my border now.


Hey can anyone post a picture of the entire screen with the pause menu up? It’s invis for me and I need to save.

Hello anyhelp? @SteveAdamo will you be my savoir?

Nevermind, it crashed after doing this.


hey there @naturalnuke… did you need something my friend?

I needed some rapid response pictures of the Stonehearth pause menu. sadly it is too late.

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What have you done? Why has the world been turned into a hologram?

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The matrix malfunctioned, and was subsequently terminated.