No Goblin Tokens?

So with the new update, you need 2 Goblin Honor Tokens to be able to build The Valor of Cid.
Now I’ve been playing quite a while, but have yet to get a single one! I all ready killed the Chief Goblin…

I tried to spawn them with the debug tool, but that doesn’t seem to be possible…

Anyone has experienced the same issues?

Also, now that I’m on the topic anyways.
How do you get the Food Donation Boxes for the next Valor?

hey there @sayhifuture, welcome to the discourse :smile:

hmm… in my last playthrough i was getting tons of honor tokens… but then again that was during the unstable phase of A17 so something might have changed since then. :confused:

and the food boxes for the other monument are crafted by the cook. :slight_smile:

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Honestly it might be that I destroyed my own save. I had to start over due to some building errors I made (Im an OCD builder) and I was too lazy to do it with 2 workers so I spawned in about 15 workers. So that might f&$^#ed something up…

Starting a new save again currently!
And thanks for the tip ! <3

Yeah, I’ve killed many goblins so far and got not a single honor token (I’m like 40 days in)

I’ll add to this. I’ve played multiple games, all the way through Obo, and only gotten 1 maybe 2 tokens at best.

I’ve had three total but I have eliminated a multitude of goblins. Seem to drop a lot less than they did before.