What can I do golds

Yea I have alot of gold ore. I am crafting these ores to gold. What can I do with these golds ? Any weapon etc. ?

Gold doesn’t have a crafting purpose in the base game. You can sell it to a visiting store for 60g, which is pretty huge.


Okay so golds are just for sell, thank you :smile:

So does silver crafteable?

I don’t think you can make anything with silver either. At least not yet. At least you can train your blacksmith with silver and gold.

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im not sure if the “value” is different, but making the gold and silver ore into ingots will level your blacksmith, and then you can sell the ingots to a store.

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Maybe we could be able to use gold and silver for awesome looking furniture in the future? Or maybe we can make magic weapons? (For example, a gold sword that doesn’t do much damage, but, upon killing an enemy, gives you more monster loot.)