Money should go in Treasure Chest

Hi all, I was wondering since money takes up so much space in stockpiles how about for the money specifically we have it all stored in a golden Treasure Chest type container that only takes up one spot in the storage yard, or maybe have it placed somewhere on our land after we craft it from black smith?

It will have different looks depending on how much money is stored inside of it.

Example: 0-few hundred gold = Closed-top treasure chest
500-1k= Coins look to be opening the lid of treasure chest a tiny bit, maybe some look to have fallen out on ground.
1k+++ = The lid of the treasure chest looks to have been bursted open, tilting back with stacks of gold coins overflowing from the chest and laying all over the ground in a small area around the chest.

I guess the max area the chest could take up would be 6 single squares 2wideX3long and when its overflowing would be that PLUS maybe 2-3squares around the entire thing. It’s just an idea and would be a nice added feature along with the crates that are coming.

Sure food and items and such deserve to be in a crate but gold money deserves to be in a treasure chest. (Also, if there is chests i dont know cause i only play peaceful atm so im not sure if theres anything different in normal) >_> Enjoy this idear!


With crates coming, this is a timely idea.

The current gold “chests” in the game already have different looks based on how filled they are and only fill one tile. They just don’t fit as many coins as you are proposing. I think something like 100 coins per chest normally?

I agree with the idea of a special treasure chest that you can fill with the smaller chests of gold though. That would look pretty sweet in your treasury.


I think they should add a double secure doors, so then it looks like a vault in a bank.


I believe its 150 gold little chests hold now, so increasing the amount, or perhaps having a crafter make a special storage item for wealth that can store OVER NINE THOUSAND gold could be good.

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Yeah basically I just want one place where we can hold the treasure/money, like in 1 main location that we won’t need to keep building more things when we have too much of it. Perhaps adding onto what xX12Dominus12Xx said, maybe we can actually craft an entire VAULT? Like how we have houses except one template is a vault.

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Somewhat unrelated, but I wish that the chests of gold coins showed how many coins were in them.

Tom did say they intend to add this functionality at some point. :smile:


Mate there is a treasure chest! But you cant see it because it’s in your inventory, sometimes you can find it on piles!