[r2380] Gold piles not merging

Another Bug/Suggestion-spectrum complaint - categorize as you see fit, Steve!

Summary: A gold chest is spawned for each merchant purchase. They do not stack or merge.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create nine wooden shields
  2. Sell to merchant, one shield at a time.

(If only making big bucks were this easy!!)

Gold will add to one chest until it is full. Alternately, villagers will pick up a chest and drop it onto another one (ideally the ‘fullest’) to fill it to its max capacity - the remaining gold is distributed to other chests in a similar manner.

A separate chest is created for each sale. Selling nine shields will create 9 x 70g chests.

Notes: AFAIK, selling 10 shields at once with the ‘Sell 10’ button should create a single 700g chest - I’m assuming that chests hold 999g or 1000g.

The chests quickly become a nuisance in terms of stockpile real-estate:

Version: 2380 x64

Those are full chests, right?
If they are holding less money, they would have less coins on them. I’m not sure about the amount of money on each chest stage, though…

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Ive only got about 200-300 gold, and maybe 30 chests?

Most of these were rabbit pelts I sold - worth 4g!!!

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Is this how it actually works though? Or does it just create a chest for a given value and assume that that is the item. As far as I understand, villagers wont stack them together because there is no support for the idea of a container yet, so each chest is just assigned a numerical value. I think that, in the demo world that was shown on stream, he had just a few chests with some ridiculously high value for the gold amount.

I could be completely off base, but just curious.

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I’m not sure about that part, but I’d swear that the chest gets deplenished little by little when you buy things. So, something similar might happen when selling. I don’t have time to look at the code for this, but apparently one chest can contain up to 1000 gold, if I haven’t misunderstood the entity json file (perhaps the 1000 refers to wealth as in town score? I’m not sure atm).

So yeah, this may be a bug :sweat_smile: