[A9 r256] Some shop-bought items don't get stored

I have the problem that, sometimes when I buy or sell items to the wandering merchant, some of them (even the gold chests) aren’t stored propertly but left by the fireplace and the flag.

those in the image have been thet way for in-game-days now:

The stockpiles weren’t full at all (the cloth one was empty in fact) and some are not shown at the Town Overview inventory:

The gold chests are counted correctly, which make things even stranger :grin:

I noticed this when playing last night. I haven’t bothered trying to resolve it. At least one time it was with curtains from a trader, not a shop.

What I haven’t tryed yet is to use the gold again, but if I can use it I won’t care much :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Confirmed I can use the mony even f it is not stored, but the pieces of cloth are still in the same place.

Somehow, this reminds me another problem that I have been seeing since alfa 8 at least: In the stockpiles sometimes it happens that tow objects share the same space.

A basket of berries shares its place with a pumpkin basket, or some turnips with the corn

I say this problem reminds me the same because on both the items are never touched again.

UPDATE: I have been able to move ONE bolt of cloth:

I have moved the fireplace and the flag, and then created an stockpile that admit NOTHING. As a result, the lady you see in the picture has taken the bolt of cloth and is re-stocking it. However, this method is not useful with the other three, as I cannot create a stockpile on a road.

I find they will pick up all the ‘resources’ that are delivered by merchant but not build items like beds, chairs etc…

The broken ones for me were curtains, so you could be on the right track.

But I also bougth some fancy chairs and those didn’t break, you can see them well stocked.

I remember buying the upgraded worker outfit and the hearthlings won’t use it even if it was in a stockpile. We should make a list of bought things that aren’t being carried to stockpiles, and other for items that can’t be used after buying them (as opposed to having crafted them).

If I don’t misremember, devs said that some of these were fixed…

Had this happen with the worker outfit. One guy ran over and got it, the rest just ignored them altogether.

Maybe it has something to do with buying in bulk?

Today I have made several exchanges, with merchants, caravans and traders, buying ones or tens, and everything went well… It’s strange.

I’ll try again having roads near the flag and see if that has something to do wihtt it.

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