[r293] Wandering trader's cloth not usable

Summary: When accepting a build request from a wandering trader, in exchange for bolts of cloth, the cloth awarded is not placed into stockpiles.

Steps to Reproduce:
Play a ton until you get a trader offering cloth bolts
Accept and fulfill build request

Expected results: Cloth is stashed away

Actual results: Cloth is not stored in any stockpiles, including stockpiles that accept all items.

They are not used in their free state either.
Placing stockpiles underneath them accepts them and allows for their use.

Version: r293

Is this only with cloth bolts?
I haven’t accepted any trade with cloth bolts yet, but I noticed I’ve got the same problem everytime with curtains.

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This reminds me of the bought items, as bolt of cloth were also affected by this bug.


Nice catch! Maybe it’s a more general problem then. I thought it might have had something to do with the cloth bolt files. Have you had issues with any other items?

What about curtains? :stuck_out_tongue: Any other items?

I’ve have curtains that weren’t stockpiled, in addition to cloth bundles. If you draw a stockpile under the items, though, they can be used normally.


Bundles of cloth, curtains, and comfy beds.

I found that you can use the Loot tool to get them picked up.