R-371 x64 Curtains Don't Stockpile

This has been around for a bit so it may already be documented, if so sorry. Curtains don’t count as decorations and aren’t stockpiled. They just sit where they were placed when bought or traded for.

huh. this happened with fences awhile back, thanks for the report :smile:

P.S. if you make an “everything” stockpile do they get put in it? as fences used to just not get put in edited stockpiles.

They don’t get put in everything piles either.

hmm… then its not exactly like the fence bug.

Yeah it’s been there for the last few builds now, I really should have posted it earlier.

Hey 8bit, I’ve seen u around a bunch, you know any console commands besides ib, destroy, and kill? I’m late gaming again and fighting to keep the game clean from pileups and ghost objects lol.

nope, those are the only ones i know, though i believe there is one for auto-mining, not sure what the command is though

Did you buy them from a trader or make them yourself?

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Got them from the trader.

if your able, try crafting some, and then see if they get placed in the stockpile. as it might just be the ones from traders/stores that dont get put into stockpiles

It’s just the ones from traders that don’t get stockpiled. Tested.

There’s actually a few types of items from traders that currently aren’t getting put into Stockpiles when given to the player–I’ve seen it most often with Bolts of Cloth, and I’m fairly certain Comfy Beds as well.

I can’t seem to find a duplicate at the moment–is this the first time it’s been brought up for this release?

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i believe so, there were some from unstable R -345 and the one before that, but i believe this is the first report of it in 371.

Just bought one of everything to test, I’ll let you know.

Huh, I didn’t realize it–I’ll try to watch and see what other items don’t get stockpiled in my game. (I shouldn’t just assume everyone already jumped on the bug!)

I fall prey to that myself, comes from running a minecraft server for so long, you tend to start looking for the deep blinds and overlook the easy ones lol.

Just bought one of everything from Norm, Dresser, Table, Comfy Bed, Comfy Chair, etc. Everything was properly stockpiled.

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Glad to see the merchants work (or at least Norm does)–I think the problem I’ve seen though comes from the item ‘requests’ we currently get (the ones that give you “x” number of days to complete for another item). Can someone also confirm?

i bvelieve thats where my problems came from, though i cant say, as i havent really played much since alpha 9 unstables builds… :no_mouth:

Confirmed, made a trade for Wooden Garden Lanterns and they won’t stockpile. Good Call!!