[1687] Items not in stockpile don't register as completed for maintain tasks

If an item isn’t stockpiled, it doesn’t count towards the “maintain X of Y” tasks for workstations.

Steps to reproduce:
Construct something without a stockpile to send it to, or something that can’t be stockpiled like fences (or flour in Why So Blue?).

Expected Results:
Items constructed by the workstation should count towards the maintain counter.

Actual Results:
A worker will continue producing that item indefinitely, flooding their surroundings with whatever it is that’s not being stockpiled (like fences) and creating all sorts of graphical glitches as everything fights for z-levels.

Versions and Mods:
1687 for fences, Why so Blue? v8a for flour.

System Information:
Windows 10 Technical Preview, AMD Phenom II x6 1075T, Nvidia Geforce GTX 770 (2 gigs VRAM), 6 gigs RAM.

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Stockpiles in ver1687 need to be unspecified then crafters will place all your tools (and anything else) in the stockpiles.

I don’t think this is a bug but is actually intended. I mean it is “Maintain in Stockpile” and if you have no stockpile for it to store it in then the game believes you have nothing in the stockpile and will continue to make the items until you do.

Hopefully this issue will eventually be resolved with some sort of Home Region command, in which all items within the zone could be counted toward the desired total, not just within the stockpiles. Otherwise, there’s the issue of having items still in transit and not technically being ‘counted’ as in the stockpile at that moment.

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As Atralane said, items in transit to a stockpile could cause inaccuracies even if that was intended behavior. That said, it seems unlikely that a worker producing an item forever because you ran out of storage space in a stockpile is intended. At the very least, that’s not how it works in Dwarf Fortress, which instead tracks ownership of items. Anything reasonably within the town’s borders (nearby trees, for example) should belong to that town and be counted as owned because citizens will path to those items when they need them or want to shift them to a stockpile.

The fix might have to be redefining what the maintain task does, though. Even when fences are properly given a category so that they can be stockpiled, there’s still issues relating to items not yet being in stockpiles and thus not able to be manipulated by the UI, like when trying to place furniture through the build menu. So long ownership is properly tracked to prevent townsfolk from accidentally robbing traders, it seems like the more elegant solution.


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I agree with what you’re saying I’m just going off what was said in one of their videos where they were talking about quests or traders and that if you didn’t have the item in your stockpile than it was invisible to them. Thus implying that if an item is not in a stockpile then it belongs to no one and is just a free item. Just seems to be the way they’ve decided to do it. No idea if that’s likely to change though.

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Thanks for the notes, everyone! The current stockpile/maintain implementation is not ideal/final. Eventually we want to implement an inexpensive way to track the “stuff that belongs to you inside your town” even if it is not in a stockpile. However, we don’t have a cheap way to calculate this speedily yet. Instead of lagging the game out, we’re making do with the tools we have till we get better ones. Current gameplay workaround: when using maintain (or the placement UI) make sure you have a stockpile around that can stock the stuff you want to work with.