[Con] [Alpha9 build 240] Set minimum item on carpenter or other

Set minimum item on carpenter or other
I set minimum produce of 1 item on carpenter or other -> image 1
but i have a 2 item in my inventory. (or 3) --> image 2

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set mini of 1
  2. Wait for produce.

Expected Results:
1 item in inventory

Actual Results:
2 or 3 item in inventory

image 1 :
image 2 :

Versions and Mods:
[Alpha9 build 240]

System Information:

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and again sry for the question but when i see the worker outfits - have you manually created uniforms before? because the minimum generats 1 but if you have already items in the stockpile or set also manually create more it will add them to the 1

i dont have one in my inventory.
For reproduce this : create =1 for a chair
aand when a marchant popup, sell it.
After this, i have 2 items… of the =1 give 2 items crafted. Not 2 all the time but i have 3 items sometime…
And i see the craftsman (all type) dont create the 2° in the list if the first have not enough item for it. it is very annoying for the blacksmith

I can confirm this behavior. When I set an item on “maintain X in stockpile” for any crafter, occasionally I end up having X+1 items in my storage after some time, without any manual intervention.

I assume, the internal task queue for the crafters gets set before they finish delivering the object.
So basically this happens:

  1. The crafter finishes the item, then gets the internal task to carry it to the stockpile
  2. The crafter picks up the item and moves towards the stockpile
  3. The… “workbench AI” checks the next item in its list, which is still “maintain X of this in stockpile”, checks the stockpile and doesn’t see anything (b/c the crafter is still carrying the item there at this point!), so it adds a new internal task for the crafter, which is again “craft this”
  4. Later, when the crafter finished that 2nd item and the workbench AI checks again, the first item is in the stockpile now, so the item queue now moves on, and when the crafter reaches the stockpile, there will be X+1 items instead of X

Here the bug in action on the priority task

blocked but if i add a extra single task. it works…

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