[d1633] Carpenter maintains extra items in stockpile

Simple enough: my carpenter has several “maintain” job orders, arranged like so:

  1. 4 windows
  2. 2 doors
  3. 1 comfy bed
  4. 1 comfy chair

However, he is instead maintaining n+1 of each item - 5 windows, 3 doors, 2 beds & 2 chairs.

I think the reason this happens is because there’s a gap between the carpenter checking his next job, and placing his current job in the stockpile. The logic must go like this:

  1. “I’ve finished my job, what’s next?”
  2. “Oh, I’ve got to maintain 1 bed in the stockpile. Is there one?”
  3. “No. Therefore I will make one.”
  4. “Now I will put this bed I just made into the stockpile.”

This ought to work for the weaver (and future crafters as well, unless fixed). Obviously it’s not a big issue ATM, but it may cause problems in the future.


Just saw this issue, my carpenter has a maintain 1 door and 1 window. This is so that as my builders construct the buildings they get the doors and windows to order rather than have excessive amounts of doors/windows. Normally I see one extra door built over the maintain setting ( I always put doors ahead of windows). Lately I’ve seen the carpenter build 6 doors, 5 over the maintain setting.
Wondering, does the maintain setting look at global quantities or just stockpiled items. So if Mr Carpenter has a maintain order of 2, makes them, your haulers are completing other tasks so that the 2 doors are not stockpiled. So Mr Carpenter keeps making doors until there are 2 doors IN the stockpile.
As you said Teleros in your logic steps, the non-stockpiled items are affecting maintain orders most likely.

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Can confirm this issue occurred on mine as well. Weaver is set to maintain 1 rug in stock, rugs don’t get sorted into anything (totally separate issue technically) so he burns through all of the thread spamming rugs. Just drops right in front of the workshop. I think I had a stack of 8 rugs or so before I noticed.

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I wasn’t sure if I should post this here because I didn’t know whether there was a “statute of limitations” on replying to posts, but I’m having this exact same issue as of alpha 9. So far, I’ve only noticed it when my carpenter’s the one doing it, so I don’t know if my other crafters are doing the same thing.

Can confirm that the bug persists even now (running the early alpha 11 build). Mostly just carpenter has this “habit”, but Mason does it too half of the time. Also sorry for possible necro posting!