[Ack] Maintain: X is bugged

Instead of maintain the certain number of doors. The carpenter kept on crafting them.

Can confirm this - he just filled up his stockpile, then his crafting table with windows for me.

Nobody is using the template lately :cry:
At least say steps to repro or something…
Or a screenshot. There’s a lack of information here.


To reproduce, just ask a carpenter to maintain an item in his or her stockpile. For a screenshot, just fill a stockpile up with doors/windows :stuck_out_tongue: .

Tell your carpenter to maintain a certain number of doors or windows

He will continue to create them indefinitely.

So the title could be:
Carpenter: “Maintain quantity” is bugged / infinite loop
If I haven’t misunderstood.

Probably should be, yes.

We’ve had it for doors & windows so far… are there any items that it works properly for?

This sounds a lot like the secondary bug I reported in this topic for the previous release (release 110).

Summary: Weaver and carpenter workbench no longer adhere to ‘Maintain’ amount and continue to build items that are =set. Removing the =Item being built will stop the weaver from constantly producing the product and stockpiling the item.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set an item to be maintained and the villager will continuously build.

Expected Results: The stockpiled item will reach its limit and the villager will move onto the next object to be maintained and/or built.

Actual Results: Villager continues to use materials to build the current maintained item.

Should maintain up to 5 fence posts, but Carpenter continued beyond that point.

Should maintain up to 3 cotton but weaver continued beyond that set limit.

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I think this may be what was reported recently by @hert here and earlier, but less explicitly, as part of a different bug report by myself here. However, is it indeed the weaver as well that has this problem? I only ever noticed for the carpenter. Lanterns in the case of my report; doors in the case of @hert’s; doors and windows in the case of a later game by myself, which I didn’t report on these forums yet.

Ya the weaver does it too. Its only noticeable with the uniforms because the other stuff is getting used.

It’s strange, though, because I tend to set my weaver to keeping the thread at three so that they can always make new cloth out of it, and keeping the cloth at five. The cloth order is below the thread order. And they do in fact get to the cloth order as well. In fact, that all works as intended: they make three thread, then make it into cloth, then they make three thread again because that order was higher up. Whereas when I set the carpenter to keep one door and three windows or something, they just kept making the doors if that was the higher order. That’s why I thought the weaver didn’t have that problem… but maybe it’s that making thread specifically doesn’t have this problem?

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You are correct! Maintain broke when we upgraded the item model so that each item is linked to its iconic (carryable) and ghost (placeholder) version. Thread and cloth and the maintain code all didn’t get updated to the new system, so they all work together, but not with the correctly updated items.


Thanks for calling this one out! :slight_smile:


Bumping this, because I’ve noticed my idiot delightfully hard-working weaver making an awful lot more than just the 4 rugs he was told to maintain in build 1658. It’s not like anyone even touched them once they were made!

One thing to note: I don’t think they were going into any stockpiles at first, so possibly it’s related to that:

  1. I must maintain 4 rugs.
  2. Are there any rugs in the stockpiles? No.
  3. Therefore I will make a rug.

That works fine, but unfortunately rugs are an item that can only be placed in everything-allowed stockpiles… so you can see the problem :smiley: . At the very least, crafters need to check outside of stockpiles for things they’ve crafted that have just been dumped (or are being carried to a stockpile etc) instead of placed in a stockpile.

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Hey everyone, This bug has been bothering me for a while, but its so small that at first I wasn’t even sure it existed. Try it out yourself:

In my experience, if you go to the carpenter workbench, and then tell him to maintain a certain number of simple wooden doors (you may need to also change the number from 1 to 2), it will automatically go back to the farmers hoe selection. For some reason if you go back to the doors and do the same thing the problem resolves itself. Or at least that’s what it does in my builds.

Try this out. Let me know if I’m hallucinating.

Stonehearth rocks.

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hey there @LordGrimli … I think you’re experiencing the same issue as was discussed here… yes?

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I think its part of the same issue, but im not having trouble with the crafter making unlimited amounts of things- only bugs with selection of items. See my post above.

I agree, however, that both will probably fixed when the code for crafters is looked at.

Thanks @SteveAdamo. I leave the forums for 6 months and it warms my heart to see you’re still hard at work.


Still seems to be broken, right? I noticed it again in R210. See the video:

  • 4:00: I set several items to maintain 1
  • 26:37: I notice many more replicates of several of these items in my stockpile (and show it’s still on maintain 1)

The “Maintain X in Stockpile” option does not seem to work properly with comfy beds. I currently have this set specifically to Maintain 2 in Stockpile, however, there are about 10 in the stockpile currently. If my carpenter has access to a mean bed, including one that is build in a house, he will grab it and turn it into a comfy bed, completely disregarding the production limit.

i seem to remember this from awhile back, i will have look around and see if a can find some old reports

P.S. welcome to the discourse :smile:

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