[Alpha 10_5-10] crafting queue bug for maintained items

e.g a carpenter stops maintaining a crafting queue when one item has insufficient ressources


  • start new game, gather only wood, no stone
  • promote a carpenter to lvl 2
  • create a maintain queue with 4 beds and 1 mason hammer
  • youll see the mason hammer will block the maintain queue (no beds will be produced)

If you have no stone, that’s the ‘works as expected’ behavior. :disappointed_relieved:

But of course everyone wants to avoid these situations. In fact, they have suggested several ways to alert us when a crafter gets stuck due to lack of resources, or a way to skip that item and continue crafting the next ones.

We’ll have to wait until devs fix this. Maybe when we get the multi-workstations they come up with some change for this too.

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