Carpenter stopped crafting items

Title: Carpenter Stopped Crafting Items

Summary: I had a lot of “maintain” orders listed for the Carpenter and decided to delete them all. After doing this I can no longer craft anything with the carpenter. I even tried changing jobs out with a different hearthlings. Doesn’t seem to matter.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. I can’t seem to duplicate.

Expected Results: Expected to have orders place and begin crafting again.

Actual Results: Unable to build any carpenter crafting items.


Attachments: Willing to upload saved file

Versions and Mods: Current

System Information:

Hey there @Edispilf, welcome to the Discourse! Did you receive any UI errors when trying to delete the orders? Also, can you please confirm your version number?

Is your issue similar to either of these?

Yes just like the one below. Unfortunately I don’t have a save from before it happen. But no worries, time to start a new one. Probably be better now that I know what I’m doing anyhow.

Thanks for the reply and help. Hope the dev track it down. I’ll keep the save if they need it.

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Ok, thanks! I am going to close this thread down as a duplicate. If you encounter the issue again and have a save, please upload it into the above thread. Thanks!

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