Carpenter is producing more items than I tell him to

Basically the Carpenter (it may be other crafters as well, I haven’t checked yet) is producing more items than I tell him to. I told him to make 18 diamond windows, and he made like 30 of them. I think it has something to do with making items while also building a structure? Like maybe he thinks when an item is taken from the stockpile, it’s taken out of his quota so he makes another one? I’m not sure.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Queue multiple different items to be crafted by the carpenter
  2. start construction on a building that uses some of those items (windows, doors, etc).
  3. Should result in the carpenter making more than you asked for.

Expected Results:

He creates the exact amount I tell him to produce.

Actual Results:

he creates more than I request, wasting resources and time.


this wasn’t occuring before the most recent patch.


Version Number and Mods in use:

Version number: release-584. No mods in use.

System Information:

I can’t attach my DxDiag because I’m a new user. If I hear a response to this post, I’ll upload it in the update.

Hi @Sky_Sweeper, welcome to the forum.
Whenever you place a template and begin to build, the necessary materials are putted in queque for each one of the crafters.
For example, if your carpenter is making 5 wooden doors, and you place a template with 3 doors and start building it, automatically your carpenter will have 3 more wooden doors in his queque.
Maybe this is what’s been happening to you

you can turn off the auto-queue in settings if you prefer

I believe you’re right. Thank you, i Wasent aware that that feature was
added to the game!

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